Where are your products made?

All of our products are made right here in the UK.

Are all your products organic?

Our products are not all organic, however we only use fresh delicious ingredients in our products.

How do you manage to make your products taste great?

We would love to tell you, but then if we did you wouldn't need to eat ours, so we are keeping that under wraps!

Are your products suitable for kids?

The inspiration behind our products is Kirsty's son Jacob who has a nut allergy and has a dairy intolerance.  Therefore our products are great for children and us adults too.

I am vegan, are your products suitable for me?

Our desserts are suitable for vegans, some of our meals are suitable too. Try our Moroccan Veg and Thai Curry Ready meals, they are delicious!

Are your products GM free?

All our products are free from genetically modified ingredients.

Why can I not peel the lid off the ready meals?

This is to guarantee that our meals are 100% food safe and cannot be tampered with prior to purchase, ensuring no allergens will ever come into contact with our meals.

Are your products safe for nut allergy sufferers?

All our products are made with the greatest care and attention. Kirsty's son has a nut allergy and we take safety incredibly seriously. Our recipes are nut free as is the area of the factory they are made in, we unfortunately cannot make a 'guaranteed nut free' claim on pack.

Am I able to freeze your products?

You can definitely freeze our desserts... treat them as Ice Cream.
Our ready meals can be frozen for up to 3 months but cannot be refrozen.
We would not advise freezing the milks.

Where am I able to purchase your products?

For an up-to-date guide for your nearest stockist, please use our postcode searcher. Our meals will be available very soon!

Why can I no longer find your desserts?

Unfortunately we lost a lot of our distribution, however we have improved them so we hope to back in your local supermarket's freezer very soon! Asking in your store will help speed this up.

Are you able to send me samples of your products?

Unfortunately due to the cost of chilled and frozen distribution we are unable to send out samples of our products.

Are there any tokens or vouchers I can use to purchase your products?

We will be running competitions to win vouchers monthly, however our stockists often offer promotional discounts and offers on our products so please keep your eye out for these.

I am running a marathon, would you be able to sponsor me?

Cool so is Kirsty in October, good luck! Unfortunately all our donations go to our selected 3 charities.

Can I have Duncan Bannatyne's mobile number?

No! x

How about Peter's then?

Still no.


end faq