I know for some of you the use of Palm Oil in any way is indefensible, and certainly we have worked hard to ensure there’s none in our meals but we do have a small amount in two of our desserts. My first priority and the reason I set Kirsty’s up is to provide delicious free-from food, but of course, we do also care about our impact upon the planet. Both of our dessert manufacturers use Palm Oil which is RSPO accreditated which means it is sustainably sourced. Palm Oil is necessary in the recipes because it creates a much better texture and shelf life than any other oils we have tried (and believe me, we have tried). I am no expert, but reading about Palm Oil sustainable production, I came to the conclusion that supporting sustainable farming practices was in some way better than boycotting it’s use and so increasing poverty levels and desperation in areas that are already suffering such a lot with this. I accept that some of you will disagree with this, but I just wanted to share my reasoning, it wasn’t a quick decision for me that I took lightly, it was a very carefully considered one.