Kirsty's Story

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I’m Kirsty, a real mum from Lancashire and founder of Kirsty’s range of healthy ready meals. I started my business 10 years ago when I discovered my son Jacob was allergic to nuts and intolerant to gluten and dairy. After the initial panic and worry that he was going to go hungry, I began exploring free-from food options. I soon realised that many of the food products that were safe for him to eat were not particularly healthy. So I had to make everything from scratch.

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Food allergy advice

Getting diagnosed with a food allergy is life changing

I sometimes felt quite overwhelmed when my son got diagnosed with multiple food allergies as a toddler.

Ten years on, I’ve learnt a lot about food allergies

There are several NHS centres across the UK that now have paediatric allergy doctors and nurses and there has also been a rise in the amount of general paediatricians who have a specialist interest in food allergy.