Wondering what is the best vegan cream cheese? Let us help you choose!

Cream cheese is so versatile; you can spread it on your breakfast bagel, make a delicious dip, stir it through a pasta sauce and even bake it into a creamy cheesecake! The possibilities are endless! There are plenty of options for those looking for a vegan alternative, but it can be quite a challenge to find one that matches up to the real deal.

Like plant-based milk, plant-based cream cheese brands are made with various bases, such as coconut, almond, cashew etc. and can all taste very different! This is where we come in! We’ve rounded up our supermarket finds and asked our trusty taste testers at Kirsty to dip in and give their verdict on each!

The taste testers weren’t told which cream cheese they were testing and were asked to score each product out of 5 based on the appearance, smell, texture and, most importantly, the taste! We were looking for a soft, smooth texture which spreads easily. Along with a creamy flavour that gives a delicious tang!

So the results are in, and below are our winners:

Best Plain Cream Cheese: Plantilife Original by Waitrose – 4/5

We were all very impressed with both the taste and texture of this one! Visually, it had a nice white, creamy colour and a pleasant cheesy smell! It also easily passed the spread test and had a lovely smooth, creamy texture. It’s a coconut-based alternative, but fortunately, we couldn’t taste the coconut! What we liked most about this one was that it had more of a savoury, cheesy flavour vs some of the other sweeter products we had tried! It also wasn’t too salty and didn’t have an artificial taste to it. We would recommend it!

Best Flavoured Cream Cheese: Nush Almond M*lk Ch*ese Chive Spread – 5/5

Wow! We were massively impressed with this one! This dairy-free cream cheese is made with almonds (60 x almonds per pot, to be precise), so we were all curious about how it would taste. One word, delicious! It had a thick and creamy consistency, which made it nice and easy to spread! It was not too tangy, and it had a lovely chive flavour that wasn’t too overpowering. We recommend this one; Kirsty even took the rest of the pot home with her, which says it all! For those of you who don’t like chives, they also have a plain version available which is equally as yummy!

Find in Waitrose here.